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Jaipur Tourism

Famous as the one of the most famous cities in India, Jaipur is the gem set in the crown of Indian Tourism. The city is also called Pink City and is considered as the epicenter of cultural wealth. Listed as the first planned city, Jaipur was established on the principal of Vastu Shastra (Indian archeological science).

Jaipur was established on 18th November 1727 AD by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and was christened after him. The capital city of Rajasthan grabs the attention of international travellers and makes this a significant tourist hub in India and in Rajasthan.

The city is compact with vibrant markets that are located in the narrow and bustling alleys. Famous for boasting handicrafts and ethnic items these shops are the best places where you can know more about the culture of the city. Apart from shops, Jaipur is also famous for organizing flourishing festivals and excitingfairs. Teej festival, Jaipur Kite Festival, Camel Festival are some of the cultural festivals in Jaipur. While Jaipur Literature Festival is one of its kinds festival that is considered as the biggest lit fest where, writers, authors, philosopher and philanthropist from all over the world comes under one roof to discuss one various topics.

Along with the Shops, fairs and festivals, Jaipur is also known for its forts, palaces and historical and heritage sites. Amber Fort is the beautiful fort that is a prominent tourist hub in the city. Hawa Mahal is also a beautiful palace; here people can view the charming view of the city from 953 jharokas of the palace. City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Albert Hall also play a vital role in Jaipur tourism.

Jaipur is classified broadly into two parts Old Jaipur and New Jaipur. Old Jaipur is generally falls within the huge boundaries which was originally established by Maharaja Jai Sighn II while city outside the boundary is throws the glimpse of modern lifestyle. Here you can find wide roads, huge modern constructions, lush gardens, Cineplex and Hyper Malls and Discs and clubs.

In 1876 when Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth II visited India the whole city got painted in the welcome hues of Pink and thus it got famous as the Pink City throughout the world. Jaipur also forms marvelous Golden Triangle Circuit in India along with the cities of Delhi and Agra, both of which are as important as Jaipur in terms of tourism. International travellers love travelling to Golden Triangle Circuit and enjoy the rich culture, heritage and traditions of the city.

1. Best Time To Visit Jaipur

Jaipur, the charm of Rajasthan, a romantic city that is studded amidst the ranges of Aravallis, is one of the most beautiful cities that welcome its guests with open arms like an old friend. Being the capital of Rajasthan, the city holds an impeccable place in Rajasthan tourism and is generally visited the most in them months of winter.

Generally Jaipur is boasting with sunny weather throughout the year and hence the weather remains hot during a year, especially in summers. Thus to explore the city and experience the holidays in Jaipur one must visit the city according to the seasons.

The best months considered to visit Jaipur are the months from November till March. Climate during these months remains calm and mild during the days while the nights get chilly and one get around the beautiful landscape of Jaipur. One can enjoy exploring the various wonders of the city and grab some of the finest handicrafts and spectacular jewelry with ethnic and contemporary apparels from the busy, bustling markets of the city.

Jaipur during the summer time gets scorching and one can get more beautiful view of the regal forts, palaces and heritage sites of the city in its full swings. It is advisable to all the travellers who are planning their holidays in Jaipur during summer time to perform some cautions. Summer will introduce you with the real hot temperature of Jaipur that will leave you with heat and sweating due to which you might face some touch time during your holidays in Jaipur. During the months from April to June it is advisable to avoid visiting the city and if you are visiting Jaipur this time then you must carry all the essentials to get protected from heating right start from cotton clothes to sunscreen lotion, cap and most importantly water bottles.

As climate of Jaipur, Rajasthan is dry and do not receive much amount of rain the monsoon in these city hardly runs not for more than even 2 months.  Yet the charming time of monsoon in Jaipur is a worth time to explore the lus beauty of the city by visiting places such as Kanak Vrindavan, Jal Dhara, Smriti Kulish Van and Jhalana forest area. Surely visiting Jaipur during different seasons will give you different shades of the city and each one of them are equally beautiful and charming and memorable.

2. How To Reach Jaipur

Pink City Jaipur is an amazing place that is boasting with rich heritage sites and historical monuments which are featuring as prominent tourist attractions of the city. The city has all the things in it that make the state more appealing and pleasing. Being a major tourist hub, the city is well-connected through all other major cities and states of India. Jaipur 250 Km from Delhi and 225 Km from Agra. Nice connectivity of Jaipur with Air, Rail and Roads offers chance to travellers from all over the world to reach Jaipur and praise its royal ambience.

Airways – The Sanganer Airport of Jaipur is the first and the only Aiport in the city. Reach in Jaipur through airways is not tough. Jaipur is connected with various airline services to offer direct flights to and from all major cities within Rajasthan along with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The international airport provides flights to London, Muscat and many other prestigious places.

Roadways – The roads of Rajasthan create a nice cluster that connects the city with all other major cities of the Rajasthan state and country. The roadways help connect Jaipur with other places through national highways which offers you a convenient journey. Journey to Jaipur through National Highways number 8, 11 and 12 will be smooth. Regular Government Bus Services make your tour happen in budget. If you wish to connect even to the remotest area of the City and Rajasthan, Roadways in Rajasthan is a perfect option for everyone.

Railways – Railways are another prominent mode of transportation in Jaipur. The well-connected rail tracks join Jaipur with other major cities of the Rajasthan and to other major states. One of the most luxurious trains that join Jaipur is Palace on Wheels that starts journey from Delhi and will offer you a lifetime experience.  One can get daily trains from Delhi, Bhopal, Aga, Gwalior, Indore and from many other places that connects Pink City.

3. Jaipur Tourist Attractions

The royal and beautiful state of Rajasthan is mesmerizing. It is filled with numerous of tourists’ attractions such as forts, palaces, gardens, temples and many more places that are flocked by various travellers from all over the world. All these tourist attractions allure you to visit the bygone royal era of Rajasthan often. The rich art and culture of Jaipur will fill you with lifetime experience. The city is filled with all major tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by various people of different ages and taste.

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city. Also goes by the name of Palace of Winds, Hawa Mahal is known for its unique architecture as it is built in the form of Lord Krishna’s crown. Presence of 953 small windows in Hawa Mahal makes perfect air ventilation in the palace.

City Palace is also one of the finest heritage monuments in Jaipur. The palace is located in the heart of city and is a beautiful example of Mughal and Rajput architectural style. The City palace’s offers a beautiful view to Diwan-E-Aam, Diwan-E-Khas, Museum and a very renowned Govind Devji Temple. Chandra Mahal in City Palace is still serving as the royal residence of the city.

The royal observatory, namely Jantar Mantar is another beautiful place that dates back to 18th century and gets attention of every tourist. Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is the biggest royal observatory in India among all 5 observatories. Jantar Mantar also compacts with the biggest sun dial in the world.

Amber Fort in Jaipur is also a majestic fort that is holding an important place not only in Rajasthan Tourism but also in India Tourism. At Amber Fort you can also enjoy exciting elephant safari. Experiencing the one will be a memorable thing.

Here are some more places that are worth of visiting – Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Galta Monkey Mandir, Govind Devji Temple, Jagat Shiromani Temple and Moti Doongri Ganesha Temple. The above mentioned spiritual places hold the divine soul of the city. Museums of Albert Hall and Dolls Museums are perfect place to get dipped into the historical aura of the city.

Apart from the heritage sites, temples, forts and palaces, Jaipur is also boasting with some really amazing gardens where you can spend some good time. With this Jaipur Planetarium is another place to attract all science enthusiasts.

4. Things To Do in Jaipur

Great architectures, nourishing culture and beautiful tourist spots, Jaipur is a perfect place for all those who wish to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones in the most memorable way. Home of palaces, forts, garden and various wonders, Jaipur is filled with various wonders and offers you several options as a thing to do in Jaipur that includes elephant rides, camel tours, shopping and many more.

Watching Various Constructions - Jaipur has various tourist places that are visited by various tourists from all over the world. People love watching various beautiful places in the city and indulge in various activities such as enjoying elephant ride in Amber Fort. One can also enjoy the elephant ride at various fairs and festivals along with the ride to camels, elephant and horses.

Watching Cultural Shows - Rajasthan and its vibrant culture is quite mesmerizing when it comes to Jaipur, the city has its own charm. Generally Jaipur falls in dhoondhad region which has its own unique dialect, culture which is quite fascinating. Folk dances, folk music and many more are the part of rich Rajasthani culture. When you will visit Jaipur, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing puppet show, watching which will be a spectacular experience. Watching various puppets dancing on different Rajasthani tunes donning vibrant clothes will be quite entertaining. Through puppet show narrator narrate the stories of kings, princess and their lifestyle. While being on Jaipur one can also enjoy the Jaipur Day Tours which includes exploring the exotic historical places of the city, markets and many more that would be an amazing experience. During Jaipur excursion, one can also go for exploring various nearby villages that would be a charismatic experience. With that you can also go for shopping in the old markets of the city.

Markets and Bazaars in Jaipur - The markets of Jaipur are as old as this city. Donning the old yet classy look the markets shows the true spirit of Jaipur. One can find n numbers of good quality goods most of them are handmade and attractive. The market has something for everyone of every age, gender and level. Sarees, suits, leather goods are available in a huge number. Shopping for bright rugs, carpets, jewelry and pottery items are also popular internationally. With so many wonderful things being present in the city, you holidays in Jaipur will surely going to be a memorable one. Vacation in this mesmerizing city of Jaipur gets more amazing with the presence of delicious and scrumptious food. Indeed, time spend in this Regal city will open a gateway to fun and royalty.


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