Weather In Rajasthan

Weather In Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tours is an amazing experience for all those who love watching heritage sites filled with legends of the bygone historical era. Travelers coming to Rajasthan always love to enjoy the beauty and charm of this Desert state. Being a desert state it is obvious that the weather in here remains dry and deciduous in almost throughout the year.

Being a favorite tourist destination of travelers it is necessary for them to know the topography and climate of Rajasthan. Sun remains scorching from March to September, Monsoon do reach here but does not hit hard, while winter is pleasing in Rajasthan. Let’s take a peek of the weather in Rajasthan in detail.

Summer in Rajasthan (March End to July Mid)

The summer in Rajasthan is hot and scorching. The climate during this time remains hot and dry and one can see high rise in the temperature especially during the time of April, May and June. There are some places in Rajasthan in eastern and western part along with other places such as Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Phalodi and Barmer where the temperature rises from 40 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius. Sometimes the temperature during summer reaches upto 49 degree Celsius. Talking about the nighttime, the temperature remains cold with the figure of 20 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius.

There are some places such as Jaipur, Bikaner, and Mount Abu, which proves as a boon to hot weather in Rajasthan where the weather remains pleasing with the temperature of 38 degree Celsius while in the night the temperature drops down to 25 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius.

Winter in Rajasthan (November to March)

As Rajasthan remains hot and scorching most of the time during the year, it is obvious that winter is the right time to visit this royal land. The coldest month in Rajasthan is January, where the temperature reaches -2 degrees Celsius during nighttime in places such as Churu, Sikar, Pilani, and Bikaner. The western winds blowing through the state are the main reason to make sand land chilling. Because of these winds, there are chances you might see light rainfall which makes the weather in winter in Rajasthan chilled.

Here are few cities in Rajasthan that bear an average of 10 degree Celsius of temperature, these cities are Kota, Baran, Bundi and Western Barmer. For approx 5 to 10 days whole Rajasthan comes in the grip of chilling winds of west making Rajasthan a totally different place to visit.

Monsoon in Rajasthan (July to September)

Everyone knows Rajasthan is a dry deserted area, the monsoon in Rajasthan is always precious. While most of the part of the country poured with plenty of rainfall, Rajasthan gets moderate rains, yet the rain is sufficient enough to bring down the scorching temperature to a pleasing level up-to 24 degree C.

The western part of Aravalli receives less rainfall while the east Aravalli enjoys low-velocity wind with high humidity and better rainfall. The northwest part of Jaisalmer gets annual rainfall which is less than 10 cm, while Bikaner, Ganganagar and Barmergets 20 to 30 cm rainfall annually. The cities like Nagaur, Churu, Jodhpur, and Jalor receive 30 to 40 cm while Junjhunu, Sikar, Pali, and Western Aravalli receive 40 cm of rainfall. Ajmer gets 55 cm of rainfall and Jhalawar gets 102 cm. Sirohi is another place in Rajasthan which receives an ample amount of rainfall. The pre-monsoon shower in the region helps bring the temperature down.

Post-Monsoon Weather in Rajasthan (October-November)

Generally, monsoon went from Rajasthan by the month of September and the two months of October and November are considered as post-monsoon months in the state. These two states bring relief in the climate of the state and bring relief to maximum temperature from 33 Degree C to 38 degrees C while minimum temperature would be 18 degrees C to 20 degrees C.

With so many diversities in the weather of Rajasthan, your trip to this royal state of India will surely become a memorable one.


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